A Mixed Media Painting Process

Soulscape is an instinctive, intuitive and imaginative process where a visual story unfolds layer-by- layer, mark by mark. The image created is inspired and influenced largely by experience of and relationship to the world around you and inspirations and awakenings from within you. It teaches you to observe the world through the eyes of an artist, and to see and create in a non-literal way. It invites you to let go of expectation and to return to a sense of play and spontaneity.  


Where Earth Connection Meets Creative Expression

Soulscape Inspires you to:

· Observe the world around you in a new inspired way.

· Conceptualise experiences, ideas & inspirations creatively.  

· Merge inner and outer landscapes on canvas

· Explore mixed media applications.

· Discover new ways to express your unique voice in paint.

· Improve technical skill and gain an understanding of the  basic foundations of art and design.



  "Jassy has always impressed me as an exceptionally talented artist and caring teacher. Her systemic methodology and strong heart soul ensure positive results wherever you start from. The Tree workshop was very inspiring as I was being introduced to mix media methods and the Soulscape process. They definitely improved my confidence and self-expression. "   

Pascaline, Bargara AUS Zen Beach Retreat, Bargara

Tree Woman, Earth Circle Studios 2018

 "Soulscape is a freeing exercise of play through each layer of the process that enables those with or without experience to produce both a beautiful and meaningful piece. "

Suzette Murray, Ochre Earth, VIC Australia